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Within seconds drive customer insights into predictors of performance.

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At 4See Solutions we view the capture of insights from every customer interaction as “critical” to a companies performance. Customer facing employees can gather essential information (lead indicators) that if tracked and measured over time could predict future performance (lag indicators) allowing for acceleration of performance or course correction before its too late.

4See Rewards your
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Rewarding the Customer facing employee

Any customer facing employee can learn our system in 10 minutes and complete insights capture immediately after every customer interaction in less than 30 seconds.

Rewarding the manager

4See instantly provides the manager with critical information in a dashboard format that allows them to improve the performance of their customer facing teams.

Rewarding the company

4See improves the flow of information gathered through customer interactions to help companies make better-informed, more precise decisions.

Within seconds drive customer insights into predictors of performance.


In less than 30 seconds, collect customer insights after every interaction and instantly dashboard that data to drive better performance.

Customer Insight Reports

Reports submitted after every interaction will keep your customer insights updated in Real-Time.

Customer Notes and Details

Update and access notes on any customer at any time.

Tasks and Appointments

Create customer appointments and assign employee tasks directly from the 4See app.

Documents and Photos

Store important documents and photos and associate them with customer records.

Contacts and Addresses

Store multiple contacts and addresses for each customer record.

Customer Location Mapping

Map customer locations, get directions and search for prospective new clients.


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Our mission is to help our clients drive customer insights into powerful predictors of future performance by helping customer-facing employees easily capture and dashboard critical data in less than 30 seconds. Our Support Staff and Sales Associates are here to help. Please use the form below to contact us and we will respond to your request.

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